African Gorilla Conservation (UGADEC)

Union des Associations de Conservation des Gorilles pour le Développement Communautaire à l’Est de la République Démocratique du Congo.

Union of  Associations for Gorillas Conservation and Community Development in Eastern of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

UGADEC (Union of Gorilla Conservation Associations for Community Development in Eastern DR Congo) is a federation of nine Community Based Organizations managing a mosaic of 9 community-managed conservation areas covering about 1,200,000 ha,XXX located between Maiko and Kahuzi Biega National parks, in North Kivu and Maniema Provinces, in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Created in December 2, 2002, UGADEC’s mission is to support local communities to protect great apes and their natural habitats in community forests for the benefit of the entire humanity, UGADEC, formerly worked with the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International and Conservation International since his creation up to 2015,  with a vision: ‘’ local communities manage and decide on their natural resources for their development and well-being’’, its main objective is to reinforce its member associations capacity in order to promote conservation of primates and their natural habitat for socio-economic development of local communities in the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Now we are working in partnership with   Worldlife Conservation Society (WCS) with financial support from USAID.

  1. Wildlife in UGADEC area

In tandem with its diverse habitats, UGADEC  is also home to a rich variety of mammals, in particular forest elephant Loxodonta africana, the eastern chimpanzee Pan troglodytes, the eastern gorilla Gorilla beringei (including almost the entire population of the graueri form), numerous other primates, amongst which Hamlyn’s monkey Cercopithecus hamlyni, L’Hoest’s monkey : lhoesti, Dent’s mona monkey C. denti, the blue monkey C. mitis (with notably anendemic hybrid form kandti xstuhlmanni), Schmidt’s guenon form of the red‐tailed monkey C. ascanius, the olive or anubis baboon Papio anubis, the grey‐cheeked mangabey Lophocebus albigena, the ruwenzori form of the Angola colobus Colobus angolensis, the ellioti form of the red colobus Piliocolobus oustaleti, Thollon’s red colobus C. tholloni, a hybrid form of these two colobus monkeys, the dusky bushbaby Galago matschiei, Prince Demidoff’s bushbaby Galagoides demidoff, Bosman’s potto Perodicticus potto, the giant forest hog Hylochoerus meinertzhageni, the okapi Okapia johnstoni, and the panther Panthera pardus. The bird fauna is rich, including most of the endemic montane or submontane species of the Albertine Rift, notably the handsome francolin Francolinus nobilis, Grauer’s broad‐bill Pseudocalytomena graueri.

2. Climate Change

UGADEC’s protection of the massive rain forest provide for wildlife and also critical needs caused by climate change.


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